Monday, June 11, 2012


The News Team
To be successful, Do Your Best.. By Daniel
God is good all the time and all the time
God is good.
By Angelica 3: Tevita
Study hard, read and believe te achieve
By Fatai
Think, Create and Share your learning
READING This Week in the Verb Group, Fatai explained their learning focus for Reading.
“We were learning to find specific information from the text,” said Fatai. We read ‘A Gift for Aunty Nga.
We have to look for the answers for the question in the story.
Daniel explained his learning in Mathe this Week. He said that in his group, they learnt to use place value as a strategy to solve multiplication problems.
For example 26 x 3 will be
Therefore 26 K 3 78
:According to Tevita and Angelica, Roem :has began learning about the God Strand. | S0 far we have learnt that God is a mystery. : This means that We can not understand God : fully. God is the first person of the Holy :Trinity God is also our Creator. He want
| all human being that he created to he virtu
According to Ilaisaane, Learning about the schools in the 1800s is very in« terestĂ­ng. It is very different from our classroom today. The students are only at school for three hours while we are at school for 6 hours. The punishment or consequences for rnĂ­sbehave is very different. They are Often hit by a Wooden spoon or ruler. There was not White board or interactive board then. Children were writing with nip pens. The teachers told the children what to learn and the children learn by rope learning. It was amazing to be at the Howick Historical Village and went back in time.

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