Friday, May 6, 2011

My anzac story

30 April 1915
Main Street

Dear Mum and Dad,

How are you doing? I really miss you. I still have two more months to go till the World War ends I hope and it is my dream to be home for Christmas.

Today we had baked beans, the same old thing for the past 100 days and most days the food is cold but it fills my hungry belly and most mornings we don’t have clean water to wash the dishes. What are you doing today? We were joking that we were eating lovely poached eggs but there’s no treats just beans with canned lamb or beef stew at room temperature at dinner or lunchtime.

Yesterday , when we had our breakfast I heard a big loud noise. It was really big, so big that my eyes all most blew out into my cup of tea. That was the other guys shelling our positions again.

Thank you for the Anzac biscuits, they were really yum ,thank you so much.

How are Auntie and Uncle Talu doing? I really miss you and I want to come back home even though I would be facing a six week voyage back to NZ and you know I don’t have any sea legs.

love you take care of your self see you when i come back. Fatai...