Monday, October 29, 2012



I have done 4 sentences in French and translated
in into English
J e Suis Neuf  Bonbons
I have nine lollies

J e Suis Un Crayons
I have one pencil.

J e Suis Sept Baguette
I have Seven French Rolls.

J e Suis Trois Croisante
I have three breads.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


In my Reading Test I found it a bit hard but
I managed to accomplish the test and tried my best
to answer all the questions that was in the test paper....

During my maths test I found it a bit challenging for me I know maths
is not like air in a balloon for me but I still tried to do my best to keep going and
finish it in time.....  

Trying to plain a writing about a whisper and trying to write a writing  with a
introduction a resolution a complication and a conclusion  in 40 minutes was really challenging for me   but I gave it all that I could and Accomplished my test ....