Thursday, April 5, 2012


Thursday morning the year 8’s arrived at St Francis Retreat centre. When we got there we all were very shocked.

Once we got there we all had our lunch.Once we were finished we were shown to our rooms everyone was so excited.
we all gathered into the meeting room. Once everyone settled into the gathering room we played a game. The game was just all about knowing each others name.

When we finished we all had lunch and played a few games
going to retreat was like another step away from my family .Being there was really exciting and enjoyable.

On Friday morning everyone gathered into the chapel for
morning prayer all the early birds were all allowed to light the candles until everyone comes to the chapel. In the afternoon we all gathered in to the gathering room and once everyone was in the gathering room we all were given a bag full of the things that we need to build a boat. The activity that we were going to play was noah's ark but it was a bit different to the actually noah’s ark the differents about it was that we are only saving one animal from sinking.Playing noah’s ark was really fun everyone was so excited i could see all of the excitement in everyone’s face.

Being at St Francis Retreat centre was really fun and exciting . What an opportunity.

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