Sunday, March 11, 2012

...What i have learnt in math's....

Today in Math’s I learn how to read
a block Graph, a table chart
and pictograph.

This year in math’s my
class room 7 is learning about statistic.
In Statistic we are learning to identify 5
different graph’s that we have learnt in our Activity that we have in our group’s.

Friday, March 9, 2012

!!!Faith Assembly!!!

Today was room 7's first Assembly for 2012
our Assembly was bast

When the bell rang. Every one gathered into
the hall getting ready
for room 7's assembly to start.
Once everyone was in the hall we all got ready
and started our assembly.
Our act's was all on the slid show,
and was presented to the whole school . In room 7's assembly i played
a important role but when i saw everyone looking at me i felt embarrassing because i
had never been the one that will be on scream or be the one that has to interview or even being the
one that has to talk and it is shown on scream. But today i was that person i was really happy because i got the chance to be that person .

i recommend this to all those that are out there.

Friday, March 2, 2012

...opening mass...

On Friday it was St Pius X’s whole school mass
for this year 2012 .
Room 7 was leading the mass.

Lavina read the introduction,then the
hymn was sung.
During the mass Ofa read the reading,
Dorothy said the collect prayer.
Then the prayers of the faithful. The message that I got out
of first reading was that I shouldn’t be lazy because if
you loaf around it will never get you any where in your future and in your life.That was special to me in the


Bula Vinaka and welcome back to
my blog for 2012.
This year I am going to
post alot of my best work for
you .
Thank-you for reading .
Ka kite ano and God bless you all :).