Sunday, December 2, 2012


 Getting to know others

For the last three days at sted fast camp i had a really fun and exciting time. Experiencing the kitekite fall and getting along with others that i had never got along with and having this great bond with my group and showing confidence in them.
Experiencing the kitekite fall and seeing all the excitement on their faces just made the day even better and the long walk back all soucked and also chatting to others on the way back to the camp side. Getting to know the year 7’s  better was really overwhelming.
On a Thursday morning the activity that we did first was bush skills
it was when everyone gets to make a tent and test out by using water to see if inside the tent will get wet.
During that experience we all got into groups and made our tents.I think our group was pretty lucky because we got to go in the forests but the other groups just used the trees on the field.

But my highlight for  me going to camp is getting to know
the year 7 and 8 students and listening to all their highlights of their day and finally for three days know yelling and shouting from Mrs Tui but i have to say i really miss toughs times.

Team work