Monday, May 7, 2012


Today room 7 is having their first experience went all the balls
everyone was split into four teams and now we were all ready to get into our skills .

Before getting into our skills
we all were very excited to meet two basketball player one of their names were coach Bruce and the other coach came late so we didn’t really had time to get his name.
After they finished introducing themselves we got straight into the skills that we learnt the first skill that i learnt was to dribble below your waist the second skill that i learnt was when you are shooting the ball all holding the ball the parm on your hands need to be like a gap between the ball and you hand . Just after learning both the skills we all had a little game that  had to do with the skills that we learnt.
Just after our games it was time to go back to class.

St Pius X is a very lucky school because they have two professional that can play basketball very well and now is here to teach younger students or people  how to play basketball .  

...The End...

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