Thursday, April 7, 2011

My imformation of the sliver ferns

...Information of the sliver ferns ...
Sliver Ferns Roxs
net ball are one of my best
sports in new Zealand .
i choose the sliver ferns because they
are great at what they are doing and
they also have great skills and one thing you really want to know about them is they are really respectful in a way .
that is why i choose the sliver ferns as my title
for teams .

the captain of the silver ferns is
Julie Seymour.
the sliver ferns net ball team
is one of the best sports in
the country they have won the game against Australia they
.... have
won the gold medial . the sliver ferns are sporty
there are the best players in new Zealand.

this is when they won the finial game in 2009
against Australia they won the gold medal

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